Types of Credibility

Presumed – Red Cross


Presumed credibility is when believability is assumed by the audience. The Red Cross is a well-known non-profit organisation which adds a lot to assumptions of credibility. Also helpful with this is the fact that the .org domain name is used.

Reputed – Twin Galaxies


Reputed credibility is based on the information of a third party be it other websites, publications or even the recommendation of a friend. Twin Galaxies is a well-known gaming records website that recently made Time magazine’s Top 50 Websites of 2012 list.

Surface – Into the Arctic


Surface credibility can best be summed up as taking a website at face value. Assuming credibility from how the website presents itself. This Greenpeace site about stopping oil mining in the arctic is designed not only to be beautiful but also interactive to help audiences get entrenched straight away.

Earned – Amazon


Earned credibility is based on the first-hand experience of the audience over a period of time. Amazon has established itself to many people over many years as a well trusted and comprehensive shopping site. This consistency has lead to it being considered credible.



      1. Ah okay! I was really interested in this topic and was sort of trying to come up with a project in this domain when I came across this blog. Thanks anyway 🙂

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