The Future of Web Credibility

Our comprehension of the web is constantly changing, especially in how we view credibility online. Here are my predictions for the future of web credibility:

  • Overall people will become more web savvy, making it easier to see through pages with bad credibility.
  • As it becomes easier more and more people will create sites on the web, most of them trending towards being not very credible. This may lead to oversaturation of bad sources while searching for information.
  • Social media will change web credibility. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are filled with their many users posting false information, or sharing sources of different credibility levels. People may use these sites as tools for better or for worse.
  • People will become less accommodating of faults in web design. With so many pages around, why bother staying on the one that’s hard to navigate, even if its information is credible.
  • Web designers will learn more of what audiences look for in web pages, perhaps even making not so credible information seem credible.
  • Sites will become more willing to divulge personal information, not only to increase trust with audiences but also because of increasing social media integration.
  • Finally, because of the aforementioned oversaturation, people may try to keep the amount of sites they use small; sticking to what they know is credible.

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